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One on One with The Rubens

Aussie alt-rockers The Rubens, who have been topping the charts Down Under since 2011, shot their hot, new music video at The Redbury’s Hollywood & Vine location!  After you’ve watched, get a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of, a look at tons of photos from the shoot overseen by The Redbury’s very own Creative Director Matthew Rolston, as well as a great feature on the project in The NY Times.

To celebrate the launch, we took a moment to sit down with the fellas to get their take on the project, The Redbury and where their distinct sound will be taking them next.

Why do you love staying at The Redbury?

It’s the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in.  The rooms are huge and we’re not used to having all of this space.  That’s what’s so great about LA, the rooms are just so big and it’s not like this in other places we go to.

Everyone loves the vintage vinyl and turntables in the rooms – what are your go-to albums when you stay at The Redbury?

Definitely Hendrix.

What are you most excited about with the US launch of your debut album?

Hearing people’s reactions…We’re really excited to see the reviews.

What was it like filming the video here and working with Creative Director Matthew Rolston?

[Laughs] Filming the dinner scene in Cleo was insane!  Seriously though, the challenge of acting is a lot.  They tell you to be happy, be mad… and trying to make it feel natural. [Working with Rolston] was really great.  He’s witty, experienced and a really nice guy.  It was similar to working with David [Kahne].

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